The wonderful world of Christmas

Christmas time is here again.

You can tell, because all the supermarkets are playing Slade, Wizzard, Paul McCartney (Wonderful Christmas Time) and etc.

The guys who wrote these songs do well every year from them. I know that Noddy Holder, who co-wrote the Slade song, has enough money each year just from that for a comfortable pension, gets his daughters through college and so on, and that’s great.

My local supermarket, the Co-op, has made a token gesture, with piles of boxed mince pies and tins of toffees.

Other shops have twinkly lights, trees and nasty window glitter stuff which will be hard to clean off.

There are two themes for this year, Snowman (40th anniversary) and sprouts. Everything is coming as sprout flavoured now, crisps, tea, chocolate… There are Xmas tree flavoured Pringles to be had. Horrible things.

And, in a few days time, it will all be over, the sales will be on, folk will be complaining they ate too much, their turkey was too dry, they need a holiday, it isn’t like the old days (well, what is?) and so on.

Next year will be different. Brexit will make everything all right again.

Brexit again

Total chaos from the Government today.

After several days of parilamentary discussion about the proposed Brexit deal, all 800+ pages of it, there was to be a vote. It’s a compromise deal, has to be, and hardly anyone likes it.

Mrs May realised the vote would be lost, she would have to step down and Boris Johnson would become PM. In her arrogant need for power, she simply cancelled, rather postponed indefinitely, the vote.

MPs are not pleased. The country is in melt down. There is nonsensical discussion about another referendum. I am not sure what that would achieve, whatever the result may be.

At some point there will be a vote of no confidence in Mrs May or the Government. Probably it will be lost.


The country is in a real mess. The UK Conservative government is in chaos. The news about Brexit dominates everything else, and, after nearly two years of negotiation, we seem to be no nearer any conclusion.

I don’t understand why Prime Minister hangs on. Actually, I never understood why she took the job in the first place. I suppose it was just a big ego trip for her.

Now the government have been found in contempt of Parliament, for the first time ever in all of history. They held back what appeared to be important information that apparently they should have disclosed.

Meanwhile, Brexit will happen, deal or no deal. Those of us who said two years ago that it would be a total shambles have been proved correct. It is the start of bad times for the UK.

So stupid

I have discovered a new word to be banned from the English language. It is ‘so’, especially when people are asked questions, thus:

Q: What job do you do, Fred?

A: So, I used to be a doctor…

Q: Emma, what are your hobbies?

A: So, I used to have a cat that loved sardines…

It add nothing to anything. All people who start sentences with this word should disappear…