Amazing number I

I discovered a truly amazing fact the other day, one I had not seen reproduced anywhere before.

The radius of the Earth is 6371km.

The distance to the Moon is 382,260km.

Divide one by the other and you get exactly 60. Not approximately, but exactly. To lots of decimal places.

When you do a seemingly random calculation like this, and you get an answer that is so exact and significant (after all, there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 60 is at the heart of our time keeping), then you just know this is no coincidence.

Even more amazing is that, if you use miles instead of kilometers, you get exactly the same result!

But it makes sense. You do see people attaching significance to calculations like this which are plainly nonsense, but both these figures are distances and we know that the Moon does orbit the Earth, so they could be connected in some way.

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I want to tell you about another site I do:

Here’s the history behind it:

I used to work in a school that had a staff common room. Papers were bought each day, and some weeklies. Staff could pay a small amount each term and keep all the used copies of the papers. I loved to get Punch.

I cut out the cartoons I thought were funny and pasted them into my Boots Scrap Book.

Here we are, nearly 50 years later, and I still have those books.

Some of the cartooons are still hugely funny, some are not. But I wanted to post a collection on-line. Mostly they seem to be British. Very British.

My idea is simply to celebrate these great cartoonists such as Michael Heath, Ken Pyne and even Bill Tidy. I am not making any money from it, and try to find links to individual artist’s websites, and if you know any, let me know. Or, if your work is represented and you are not happy about it, just let me know.


There are a lot of stupid challenges out there, many filmed for YouTube.

One is the “superglue your lips” challenge. I actually knew someone who did this, properly, regularly.

Most of the YouTube clips seems fake, or people don’t know what superglue actually is, but this seems genuine:

Have you, or would you?


As I mentioned, I have been in New York City for a while.

There are lots of nice things there and it is a great place to visit, but I wanted to write about a couple of matters that were not so good.

First, the exchange rate is bad, very close to being £1 = $1. Given the generally high prices there, it makes shopping, especially clothes, almost impossible for anyone not extremely rich. Yes, places do have “knock 30% off” labels, but they are still a lot of money.

The big bugbear is tipping. You have to tip virtually everyone now. It’s not like these people don’t get paid, but they do expect extra. The rule used to be twice the tax, but now, especially in restaurants, suggested tip is printed at the bottom. Mostly they start at 25%. There were one or two going from 20%, but none in the teens. An extra 25%+ on an already expensive meal is something that, well, let’s not say it is a con or a liberty, but something you have to watch out for.

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