There is a category of photo and video porn material called “Naked/nude in public”. It shows young ladies, nearly always, wandering around places undressed.

It amuses me somewhat, for various reasons.

In so many countries, being nude outside with people seeing you is not illegal. It all depends on intent. Take the UK. Here is guidance on the rules:

As you can see, it is very precise in a vague kind of way. As I understand it, put simply, unless you are waving your bits around in a provactive way for all to see, you’re ok. And, in cities like Barcelona, full nudity is allowed I am told.

The idea of being nude in public raises two points.

To me, nude means wearing nothing. So many models wear boots or shoes (but I get that I suppose) or coats and other items. That’s not nude! These ladies are nude:

In public means, surely, having other people round about who can see you, not in the middle of a deserted wood 50 km from the nearest civilisation. And not really a part of a special event, like a nude cycle race. This lady is nude in public:

The other thing that amuses me is that they choose such miserable locations, especially in the UK, such as a Burnley shopping centre, and the public always seem to be huddled up in jumpers and macs because the weather is so cold. And with a naked woman just wandering around it it, probably barely interating with everyone (or maybe buying an ice cream).

But this was just perfect:

And yes of course nearly all nude in public videos are of females. No explanation needed, surely?