If for any reason you are in London and are struggling with the virus, please be aware that buses may not be entered at the front (to protect the driver).

Use the middle door, let other passengers off first (at a sensible distance), there’s no need to swipe in and take your time as there’s no hurry.

Bus doors have big stickers on telling you what do to. And do spread out inside the bus.

Even better, stay home.


A few weeks ago I wrote a short piece about the ignorance regarding travel after Brexit, and the state of the new passports that, apparently, we all want so much.

Jutst two days ago, there was finally some clarification, nearly a whole month since we had entered the transition period.


Fortunately, common sense has prevailed a little, and existing passports will be valid until they expire, in theory at least.

Interesting to see though that no-one in the UK can make these new passports. They have to be made in Poland by a French company.

And, apparently, people are not happy at the blue colour being really black.


There was someone on the tv recently talking about travel post-Brexit.

Yes, we left, kind of, last Friday. There were celebrations in the streets. I am saying nothing.

So, our passports have EU on them, and we’re not any more, so they are technically invalid. We all have to buy new passports that are the old blue (representing Brtiannia ruling the waves) at enormous cost to us.

So the expert was saying that the old passports should be OK for now. “Should”? Apparently, no-one really knows and you may get problems, but you should not.

Duty free allowances I suppose have changed too.

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