New computer

I bought a new computer. I actually bought a dell (I say this not for advertising purposes, just so you know), more or less an updated and upgraded replacement for my old machine, and because they were having a flash sale with 14% off.

I love my old machine, but it is 8 years old, started with Windows 8 which upgraded to 10, but recent updates would not work any more. It has a traditional hard disk and an SSD drive which was a good compromise between cost and storage.

The CD drive no longer works, as something inside was bent or broken. The battery would not take a charge. I did have a replacement battery, but the old one would not come out. The cpu struggled at times and the fan would come on.

Other things like bluetooth and the wireless netwoking were either broken or slow.


I am deliberately not writing about the big topics of the day: Trump, Johnson, racism, police brutality, Dominic Cummings, Brexit and the virus. They are important topics, of course, but we need a break from these, and I have nothing to add that has not been said and better by others.

However, rather sadly, there are people, always, wanting to exploit any situation to relieve you of your money, and the virus gives a great opportunity. It also gives extra exposure to the conspiracy theorists and the flat earthers.


When I was a teacher teaching Information Technology, one small point we always discussed was people who lack basic technology, like e-mail or web browsing facilities.

I know there are many such people, some who say they cannot understand it, others who simply refuse to have such new fangled tech around. Why, I cannot say.

Plainly, these people are at some disadvantage. E-mail is a convenient way to communicate, Skype or an equivalent are usually easy enough to use and if you have family elsewhere, it’s a good way to keep in touch.

My aunt wrote me a letter the other day. Finding an envelope just to send her a reply was a real chore, and totally unnecessary if she had simple Internet facilities, but she doesn’t.

Not being able to order items on-line, taking advantages of the best prices, having stuff delivered can be tricky. This has been highlighted by the current virus lockdown. We are supposed not to go out unless it’s necessary. Every time you go out increases your risk of catching it. Order on-line and it will be delivered.

It’s not hard to get on-line, it’s not expensive and for many things these days t is essential.

If you know someone who would benefit from being connected, why not help them?