Tomorrow in the UK is election day, your chance to participate in the running of the country.It’s not for me to say who you should vote for, but think about a couple of things:

If you don’t vote, then don’t complain about the result afterwards. And remember that there are plenty of people who would love to vote but are not able to.

And if you do vote, and your choice gets into power and they immediately withdraw their promises and let everyone down, then it will be on your conscience for evermore.

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No news

You may think it is odd that I am not writing about Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, UK elections, impeachment, USA elections or indeed any of that nonsense.

And there is a reason. It’s nonsense.

Yes, here in the UK it is barely days until we find out who the new Prime Minister is going to be. Will any party get an overall majority? Can anyone govern this country?

My friends ask, what will change next year? Nothing. Will Brexit actually happen? Who knows, possibly not. Who will stand against Mr Trump in the USA? Does not make any difference, he is bound to win.

It’s all very grim and depressing. As Christmas approaches, and the election looms, I know so many people are depressed about all this business. That’s what comes when you have politicians who lie whenever they open their mouths.

Was it always like this? Well, yes, except social media and wall-to-wall tv news mean it is on all the time with fifty people giving their opinions on nothing.


When I took my sixth month pause from writing this blog at the end of 2018, the UK was still in the throes of organising its leaving of the EU, Brexit as it is called.

Prime Minister May had put a proposed deal to parliament which was constantly rejected. Death threats had been made against politicians, as traitors. Some leavers simply wanted ‘leave’ whatever that meant, regardless of the consequences. “Brexit means Brexit”, whatever that means. As one friend said to me, we need to leave the EU to “get the blacks of our streets”.

Since no-one was agreeing and no compromises were to be had, progress was nonexistent.

So now here we are in August, and it’s all sorted, right?

Well, no. Deadlines have been extended to October, provided good use of the time was made. For MPs, that meant going on holiday.

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Brexit again

Total chaos from the Government today.

After several days of parilamentary discussion about the proposed Brexit deal, all 800+ pages of it, there was to be a vote. It’s a compromise deal, has to be, and hardly anyone likes it.

Mrs May realised the vote would be lost, she would have to step down and Boris Johnson would become PM. In her arrogant need for power, she simply cancelled, rather postponed indefinitely, the vote.

MPs are not pleased. The country is in melt down. There is nonsensical discussion about another referendum. I am not sure what that would achieve, whatever the result may be.

At some point there will be a vote of no confidence in Mrs May or the Government. Probably it will be lost.