Brexit again

Total chaos from the Government today.

After several days of parilamentary discussion about the proposed Brexit deal, all 800+ pages of it, there was to be a vote. It’s a compromise deal, has to be, and hardly anyone likes it.

Mrs May realised the vote would be lost, she would have to step down and Boris Johnson would become PM. In her arrogant need for power, she simply cancelled, rather postponed indefinitely, the vote.

MPs are not pleased. The country is in melt down. There is nonsensical discussion about another referendum. I am not sure what that would achieve, whatever the result may be.

At some point there will be a vote of no confidence in Mrs May or the Government. Probably it will be lost.


The country is in a real mess. The UK Conservative government is in chaos. The news about Brexit dominates everything else, and, after nearly two years of negotiation, we seem to be no nearer any conclusion.

I don’t understand why Prime Minister hangs on. Actually, I never understood why she took the job in the first place. I suppose it was just a big ego trip for her.

Now the government have been found in contempt of Parliament, for the first time ever in all of history. They held back what appeared to be important information that apparently they should have disclosed.

Meanwhile, Brexit will happen, deal or no deal. Those of us who said two years ago that it would be a total shambles have been proved correct. It is the start of bad times for the UK.


It has been a fairly extraordinary day for British politics, and it’s only tea time!

Yesterday, the cabinet of UK Conservative government got together to discuss the draft EU withdrawal agreement. After a long and apparently heated discussion, all came out agreeing it was the way to go. At that time, few had seen the nearly 600 page report, let alone read it, but some members of the EU had and apparently agreed with it.

But, as the BBC and others said, and maybe you have been in such a meeting, you agree to things at the time, come out, think about what happened, actually look at the documents, and change your mind.

And so it was. During today, the Brexit secretary and others resigned their posts. Mrs May appeared in the House of Commons and had a hard time, from the opposition (to be expected) and from her own party. It’s a compromise, of course, not a piece of ideology. At the end of it, you have to have a country that still works.

Even before it had become available, Conservative politicians who are hard right Leavers (and also very rich and therefore relatively unaffected by what happens) were condemning the agreement and were talking of letters of no confidence, the PM to resign and leadership challenges, which would probably mean a new PM.

Mrs May has said several times she intends to see it through (Mr Cameron did that, then bailed out very quickly), ruled out a general election (but she did that before, then held a quick one and shot herself in the foot) and seems outwardly confident the proposals will go through parliament. This does seem unlikely. She has also said definitely no second national referendum – we voted to leave, and we will.

Personally, I blame Cameron. He said the nation would be asked stay or leave and the result would be binding, expecting a decent ‘stay’ result, but it wasn’t. The vote was simplistic (people didn’t understand the issues – so many thought it would mean the immigrants would simply vanish) and the propaganda, especially on the Leave side, was too easily believed (again, because I suspected they were bound to loose so could just say any od thing).

Personally, I would have some respect for Mrs May, and certainly wouldn’t blame her, if she just said “Pooh to you all, I’m off, got a good book deal.”

The Government, the country, we are in a mess. This would not have happened if Remain had won. So, we know who to blame – all those who voted ‘Leave’.

Mr Trump has yet to comment.

John McCain

It was announced that American Senator John McCain died today. It was not a surprise. He had been ill for sometime, and just the other day his treatment for cancer had been stopped.

There are plenty of places where you can read about McCain’s life, and it’s very interesting. Try here, for example:

You will note that he had a period of capture and torture during the Vietnam war. He was treated terribly. He went through a lot, and I don’t know how he survived. Whatever you think of war, you would think McCain was some kind of a hero.

Unless you are the USA President, Mr Trump, a man who managed to avoid any military service. Trump said that McCain was not a hero because he had been captured and presumably heroes aren’t captured. Mr Trump likes “people that weren’t captured”. Even to the end, Mr Trump was still saying bad things about McCain, as you can read here:

After McCain’s death, Trump has still not retracted any of his scathing criticisms. The White House wanted to put out a statement praising Mr McCain and his achievements and his life, but Mr Trump has stopped that.

Tells you a lot about Mr T.