Trumping everyone

I am not a big fan of Donald Trump, not at all. I am trying very hard not to watch the USA election business and all the stupid things that Mr T and his lackeys are saying.

I think it was five years ago that I was in Seattle on a holiday. I loved Seattle. It rained pretty much the whole time and the receptionist at the hotel called it West Coast Manchester. Everywhere was in walking distance, and there was some great coffee to be had.

At the time, the Republican party was starting to whittle down their candidates. It was all over the tv. Trump insulted most of the others on their looks, intelligence, anything he could use. At the same time, he insisted on standing in the middle of the group, so all the attention would be on him.


There has been a bit of a scandal in France just recently. It has been reported here in the UK as one of those summer stories about ‘those funny foreigners’, but it is actually quite serious, I think.

In many parts of Europe, topless sunbathing on the beach is accepted, relatively common and legal. And harmless.

However, in France, the adults in a family on one particular beach objected to three women sunbathing topless and called the police on them. You can read about it here.


I am avoiding writing about certain topics, partly because they have become boring andpartly because I have nothing new to say that is not said by others elsewhere and better, discounting all the nonsense.

So, no Trump, Boris, Brexit or virus.


The virus nonsense is non-stop:

  • The swabs that they use for tests can cause you brain damage…
  • Or cancer
  • It’s caused/spread by 5G (will this never go away?)
  • Young children are immune (Trump had his Twitter account suspended for saying this)
  • The virus is a hoax/Chinese plot/Democrat hoax
  • Tests cause the virus
  • It will just ‘disappear’
  • Hydroxychloroquine cures the virus and has no side effects

And it goes on.

People have already said they refuse to have the vaccine as it’s a way for Bill Gates to tag everyone so they can be tracked.

Don’t believe the rubbish.