We are locked down here in the UK. This means no going out execpt for necessities. There is no socialising, you have to stay away from other people.

The police have powers to insist people follow these rules. However, some have gone a bit too far. People being tracked by drones, named and shamed for walking in the countryside, shop keepers taken to task for selling chocolate and so on…

Bill Rieflin

Very sad to hear that drummer and instrumentalist Bill Rieflin has died.

Bill was most recently a drummer and keyboardist with King Crimson, though he kept dropping out obviously due to illness.

The virus

There is so much being said and written about the pandemic, and I am not going to contribute my ignorance to it.

However, common sense rules. Avoid direct contact with people, wash your hands regularly and completely, and stay home if you or anyone you live with shows symptoms.

Stay well.