The end

I brought this site back to life in the middle of the year because I wanted to write some words about the Apollo 11 anniversary, so it has been going again for six months or so.

For a site where few people read the words, it attracts a lot of spam, dozens a day, and so that’s it from me.

Happy New Year.


Here in the UK we are in the throes of a general election. The last one we had was June 2017.

At round about that time there were some terrible terrorist incodents. One was at a music concert in Manchester. There was another in London, on London Bridge. These attacks, and others, caused loss of life, horrific injuries and were utterly deplorable.

Well, sadly, it has happened again, yesterday (Friday) at lunch time on London Bridge again. Two people were killed and their attacker, who appeared to have a suicide bomb vest (it later turned out to be fake) was shot dead.

You can read about it here:

Now, this saddens me greatly, not just because terrorism is a terrible thing but also because I have a great affection for London Bridge and the area. I travelled through it twice a day to and from work for very many years. I always loved getting the bus over the bridge, seeing the river, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

It’s a very historic area. There is Southwark Cathedral, the Clink jail, the Borough market, now a bit of a tourist trap, some old coaching inns… There are also many fine restaurants and wine bars, and it is very busy at all times.

The actual station has undergone massive refurbishment recently. Traveling through became a real pain as workscontinued, but it looks sensational now.

The terrorists have motives I do not understand. They want to interrupt our way of life, our democracy. The best thing Londoners can do is carry on, but be aware.

The prince’s trust

I have deliberately stopped writing about politics and news, because it is too depressing, but I wanted to say a few words about the interview with Prince Andrew on BBC last Saturday.

Andrew is the Queen’s second son and third child, and has been involved with convicted and now dead financier Jeffrey Epstein. The interview was to clear the air about the various sexual and other allegations against the partying prince, set the record straight etc I assume.

But this article from GQ magazine says virtually all of it in a much better way than I possibly could, and I commend it for your attention.


There are, however, a couple of other things I would say.

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Richard Williams

The death was announced last week of one of my cinema heroes, Richard Williams.

Williams was born in Canada but lived and worked nearly all his life in the UK. He used to have his headquarters in Soho Square in London. Am not sure if it is still there.

You will know Mr Williams’ work. He has produced some very famous animation over the years, including Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and credits for many feature films, including some Pink Panthers and The Charge of the Light Brigade.

I have seen Mr W several times at the NFT in conversation about his work. The last time wa maybe a year or so ago. He was there to show his big project, an animated full length film variously called The Thief, The Thief and the Cobbler, The Princess and the Cobbler…

This is/was a kind of Arabian Nights type story, and has one of the most longwinded and troubled production histories of any film. You can read all about it here:

The chances of a final, definitive version appearing seem slight.