It’s my opinion that Britain lead the world with progressive rock (“prog rock”) music. Think of the most famous of bands from the 1970s, Genesis, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, ELP, even late Beatles.

There were plenty of other UK bands who never quite hit the biggest time, but were just as good and had their fans, such as Gentle Giant, Barclay James Harvest, Yes and more.

One such band I was a big fan of was, and still am is Renaissance.


It’s been several months since I saw anyone to chat to for more than a few minutes, and not since March that I have had any external culture.

So I was really delighted to see that one of my favourite local venues, Union Chapel, has events on its calendar from some time in September, and good things too.

I have booked for three: Graham Gouldman, Faust and Caravan.

Give them your support, if you are local.


The main event of Saturday evening was the Eurovision Song Contest, a two hour ‘live’ show replacing the normal epic.

That it had been put together in just a few weeks, after nearly a year of preparation for something very different was impressive. The EBU (European Broadcasting Union) has huge resources available, but even so.

I saw the UK/BBC version introduced by Graham Norton. I know it was on in other countries.

The main part consisted of the 41 songs. Each had a short introduction, a video clip of the tune and a few words from the performers.

In with it all were some favourites, Johnny Logan and Mans Zelmerlöw made an appearance, previous winner Netta was funny and nice and then sang a song that was a bit calmer than her winning song: