Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone. It’s 2018.

So, what do we have to look forward to this year?

Winter Olympics seem to be the first major even of the year. The venue is South Korea. I always think I should enjoy winter sports more than I do. I remember as a child I liked watching bobsleigh, but things like ice skating leave me cold. There are some tough events where they go for long distances and then shoot things. There’s some football event, too.

There’s a Royal wedding coming up too. Prince Henry (aka Harry) marries Meghan sometime in May. They are saying that pubs will be open longer for people to celebrate. I don’t get that. What’s it do to with us when he’s getting married, except, I suppose, that we subjects actually pay for it. Oh, and yet another royal baby is due.

2018 will see the British Government sort out all the problems relating to Brexit. President Trump will visit the UK and will be universally hailed as the greatest president who has ever lived.

There will be some famous deaths. There will be terrorist attacks. There will be at least one major disaster where hundreds of people get killed.

Hmm. How long is it to Christmas?


I retired at the age of 60 after nearly 40 years as a teacher. I have been offered part time work, but decided that I was really going to retire.

So, doing up my flat (apartment), going to the theatre and concerts and such like have been entertaining me for more than three years now.

My first holiday was to one of my favourite places, maybe my favourite place. Chicago. Lots of other places in the USA followed: Washington, Seattle, New York of course, and Canada, ie Toronto.

I get a reaction from people I know. It’s usually ‘oh boring’, ‘but you have been there before, lots of times, you must have seen everything’ and ‘why not go somewhere more adventurous’. Someone said ‘oh you must hate cities, hire a Winnebago and drive through the wilderness for a couple of weeks’. As I don’t drive, get bored by sea, sand and scenery and love culture, people and activity, it is obvious I will go to a city.

When I am too old to fly long distances, which will be very soon I imagine, I will go to nearer places. Stockholm is on the list, as is Glasgow.

But, I don’t understand why people want to criticise me for my holiday choices, especially to places they have never been to.