There is a programme on tv called Naked and Afraid. In it, a couple are dropped in a hostile environment with nothing, not even clothes, and are expected to survive for a period of time. Of course, they have a tv crew with them, and probably doctors and goodness knows what. Usually it is a male and a female.

I have watched a little of it once. The contestants bits are fuzzed out, as below:

I find myself wondering just exactly why. Full frontal nudity on tv is perfectly acceptable. The UK show Naked Attraction has a simple format. A person, let’s say ‘contestant’ though this is not quite right, gets to see six possible dating partners in the nude. They start from the feet up, as a coloured perspex box rises to reveal more of them.

There is some examination, in detail, of the quality of genitals and bums, one person is rejected, the boxes rise a bit more, and we continue. By the end the contestant and two possible partners are in a showdown, all naked.

The programme is shot and shown in high definition. The bits and pieces get endless close ups, regardless of gender.

So why is Naked and Afraid so coy?