The end

I brought this site back to life in the middle of the year because I wanted to write some words about the Apollo 11 anniversary, so it has been going again for six months or so.

For a site where few people read the words, it attracts a lot of spam, dozens a day, and so that’s it from me.

Happy New Year.


One of the great things about being in a big city is the choice of museums and galleries available. Actually, I know people who would refuse to go in any gallery regardless of what it is about, but I am sure they are in a minority.

Here in London we have some great places to visit. Some are free. The National Gallery, the British Museum, the Science Museum and the V&A are. If there is a special exhibition on you will probably need to pay and I suggest booking in advance (on line) to avoid disappointment.

For most places there will be security checks and limits on bags that can be carried around.

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I love the Eurovison Song Contest. For a few hours every year, the countries of the EBU gather and entertain us with songs good and bad.

I would love to go to a final. The chances of th UK winning are virtually zero these days, and travel to foreign countries is expensive and not fun on your own. But who knows…

The interval can be a highlight. No-one who saw it will ever forget Riverdance. However, this is one of my favourites.

It is something that makes me well up every time I watch it. I know the UK contribution is rubbish, but the one from Hamburg is great, as is the man on the rock.

Best is Dublin. It’s great when the camera lifts up and there are all those people, even in the windows.

And it’s a real party spirit at the end, with all the audience joining it. Brilliant.