We are locked down here in the UK. This means no going out execpt for necessities. There is no socialising, you have to stay away from other people.

The police have powers to insist people follow these rules. However, some have gone a bit too far. People being tracked by drones, named and shamed for walking in the countryside, shop keepers taken to task for selling chocolate and so on…

Network streaming

A friend rang me the other day to ask about network streaming.

I bought an ARCAM CDS-27 SACD player which included network streaming. But it is unsatisfactory.

It is somewhat clunky in operation, the screen is unhelpful, when network streaming it will not do continuous play, so there is a gap betweent tracks that normally run together, and it misses the very beginning of every track. It’s fine(ish) playing discs. That there’s no app for it either (on Android) is also a negative.

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This is basically what my turntable looks like:

Anyone who has heard it agrees it makes a decent sound, but some people hate the design.

Well, remember, it’s s spared down spider edition. But I agree it’s not like this, which is a more a piece of furniture:

But the function dictates the style:

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