It’s been several months since I saw anyone to chat to for more than a few minutes, and not since March that I have had any external culture.

So I was really delighted to see that one of my favourite local venues, Union Chapel, has events on its calendar from some time in September, and good things too.

I have booked for three: Graham Gouldman, Faust and Caravan.

Give them your support, if you are local.

New computer

I bought a new computer. I actually bought a dell (I say this not for advertising purposes, just so you know), more or less an updated and upgraded replacement for my old machine, and because they were having a flash sale with 14% off.

I love my old machine, but it is 8 years old, started with Windows 8 which upgraded to 10, but recent updates would not work any more. It has a traditional hard disk and an SSD drive which was a good compromise between cost and storage.

The CD drive no longer works, as something inside was bent or broken. The battery would not take a charge. I did have a replacement battery, but the old one would not come out. The cpu struggled at times and the fan would come on.

Other things like bluetooth and the wireless netwoking were either broken or slow.

Ronnie Barker

Most people around the world will know Ronnie Barker from his big hit shows, The Two Ronnies and Porridge, and maybe Open All Hours.

Mr Barker started as a stage actor, then moved into radio with a part on The Navy Lark for something like eight years. As well as playing “Fatso” Johnson, he also played other random voices, as did all the cast.

He moved onto tv in The Frost Report, and this lead to the shows mentioned above.


He is something I think is very unfair.

In the days when we were allowed to travel, I went to the USA a lot. A convenient thing to get was an annual travel insurance policy. For more than two trips, especially to the USA, it was easy and good value.

But, I have an existing medical condition, as, I suppose, do many older people. It is not something that might cause me issues on a trip, but I do take medication. I go to the doctor’s once a year for the usual tests, to see how it is going.So I declare it.

Immediately, most companies won”t even contemplate selling me a policy. Some do, at inflated costs. But you have no real choice.

And yet, others who don’t go to the docs and yet may well have an existing condition can get insurance very easily. To me it should be the other way round. If you have a condition and get medical advice for it, your insurance should be less, because you are aware of it and doing things to keep it under control. Just because you don’t know you have it, doesn’t mean you don’t have it. People who don’t keep a track of their health should not get preferential treatment by these insurance companies.