Others made an appearance, Bjorn from ABBA, for example. There was some community singing.

Many of the performers got a chance to say words along the lines of “sorry I can’t be there, keep well, see you next year” which was fine. Some spoke rather more seriously, about mental well being, keeping in touch with those on their own, bringing the world together. Graham Norton made many rude and stupid comments about the performers and talked over their clips. Hugely disrespectful, but much as expected.

Norton said at one point that the broadcast was intended to be “well meaning” as a criticism. By the end he said he was moved, but we didn’t believe him.

It was a sad night, for many reasons.

The contest that might have been. The lack of a great party atmosphere. Sad that the performers did not get a chance to show what they could do. Oh well, maybe next year…

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