Well, the BBC here in the UK made some kind of effort.

Starting at before 6.30pm we had a programme of favorites with bits of history, with a chance to vote on the top ESC song ever. That was ABBA’s Waterloo. And that is probably a reasonable decision.

I didn’t vote for that. Of the choices available, Katrina got my vote as ever. It’s a great song, and she can sing anyone off the stage.

But my favourite song I think is The Common Linnets. It has a quiet simplicity that really appeals, even if there are hints of The Police:

Then there was the show proper at 8pm, and I will come back to that in another post.

Afterwards, at 10pm, we had an A to Z of Eurovision. A clips show with good and bad bits, and many forgotten bits, with a flippant commentary by one of those people who appear on tv a lot but you’re not quite sure why.

Finally we had ESC Top Of The Pops.

It was all a bit thin, but if you were in the mood for it, was entertaining enough. And by the end, it was quite exhausting. But ll I could think was how sad the contest did not happen.

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