It’s very sad, though not surprising, that people are trying to take extra advantage of the virus lockdown with scams etc.

I am uusally careful. The scam e-mail does not get opened. There was an attempt to fraudulently use my credit card details, but my bank blocked that.

I ordered a hard disk drive at nearly £200 through Amazon, not from them but from a marketplace seller. He (or maybe she) sent me a huge box with a piece of tat in. Seeing the reviews, in the past few days, plenty of others have been victims of the same scam.

Amazon are usually very good in dealing with these problems, and it is not their fault at all, but it is annoying.


The problem with the virus situation is that it gives an opportunity for the conspiracy mongers to come out and spout their rubbish. Journalists generally do not challenge the views being given, do not ask for evidence, because they know that the truth gets bad ratings. And it is even worse when the presenters themselves spout the nonsense.

Like these two:

Worst Beatles I

A week or so ago I asked you to think of the track you would say was The Beatles’ worst.

Now, I know there are many Beatles hyperfans for whom everything they do is wonderful, and that’s fine, and we are not saying anything is bad, just not the greatest.

And we restricted ourselves to original UK releases, no live versions or bootlegs, just studio singles, EPs and LPs only.

On the box

I have a reasonable number of dvd or bluray box sets of old tv programmes, I think all either UK or USA shows. Some were gifts, but most were ones I bought myself because I loved the series.

Some are the classic 1960s UK shows like The Prisoner, all Gerry Anderson, Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) and the Avengers. I even have a full set of Raymond Burr Perry Masons which I have watched (not UK, I know) and My Favorite Martian..

One of the reasons for buying box sets is that here in the UK, many American series don’t get through to the end. Examples include Once Upon A Time and Archer. They may lose some popularity in the USA but still have a large number of people watching. Here in the UK, if a series is not so pupular it gets pulled.

Another reason to watch the boxes is the lack of advertising. An hour long show can, in reality, be just 40 minutes of tv.

I watch them through, one or two each night before bed time. Recently I watched Pushing Daisies, The Wire (which I had never seen before, Battlestar Galactica (the reboot) and now have moved on to Alias.