Model cars

When I was very tiny I used to love model metal cars. You know, the Corgi, Dinky or Matchbox kinds of things.

I always liked Corgi best. Their quality seemed better and they had some wonderful features that set them apart.

I don’t know what happened to them. Long thrown away, I am sure. No-one at the time thought they would be collectors’ items worth tens of pounds in good condition. But mine were played with, and they certainly never had the box.

Worst Beatles II

We are looking for the track you may consider the worst from the original Beatles recordings, not necessarily bad, just not the best.

In the last post about this, we went though all the albums with only original compositions, which tend to be the latter albums, and I threw out names of some songs I am guessing people might pick as their least liked Beatles song. Of course, your choice is, well, your choice.


If for any reason you are in London and are struggling with the virus, please be aware that buses may not be entered at the front (to protect the driver).

Use the middle door, let other passengers off first (at a sensible distance), there’s no need to swipe in and take your time as there’s no hurry.

Bus doors have big stickers on telling you what do to. And do spread out inside the bus.

Even better, stay home.