Arriving in London: Stansted

Stansted is to the north east of London, heading in the vague direction of Cambridge.

It is about 42 miles out, and seems to serve mainly Europe (including Ireland) and some flights to Africa. It is used by a lot of low cost airlines, especially Ryanair.

There is one terminal building, and it is very basic and adequate. We always think it is an airport that is hard to get lost in, and we have never had very long walks to gates.

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Arriving in London: Gatwick

Gatwick is London’s second airport. It’s to the south, about 30 miles away, on the route to Brighton. As it is so far out, it’s not on the underground and black cabs don’t go that far, normally at least, so options are limited.

There are two terminals, North and South. There is a free shuttle that runs between the two and takes just a few minutes.

Gatwick is much smaller than Heathrow and it is easier to get around.

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