Perry Mason

This is a picture of Erle Stanley Gardner, author of more books than you can count, almost, including 82 Perry Mason (lawyer) novels.

I used to visit a friend’s house when I was in my teens and his mother had a bookshelf with a large collection of Mason novels. They were very impressive, if slim volumes. “The case of the…”

You can still get them, sometimes there is a new print of some titles, old paperbacks become available second hand and there was even a collected hardback edition some years ago. Anyway, I have read 63, so just 19 more to go. Of course, finding them gets harder, but Amazon is your friend.

Tipping down

There is a terrible day time quiz programme on ITV called Tipping Point. It is based on those shove coin machines you see in arcades at the seaside.

It’s introduced by a chap called Ben Shepard, who is a mainstay of breakfast television. He hugs people a lot, especially ladies.

The show is famous for asking the simplest of questions and for contestants getting them wrong, badly. One that I saw with my own eyes was “From which UK country does a Scotsman come?”. The answer offered was “Paris” which was declared to be close.

No, I rarely watch it, unless I need a good laugh.

But Ben says some incredible things. He told one lady she had a “big overhang”, which she did, and another had a “good spread”. One man had a “dangler”.

Not for children…

It’s a Bargain

There is a tv show on here every single day, during the daytime, called Bargain Hunt. It has been running since March 2000, though five episodes every week are repeats, so only two new per week.

The idea is simple: two teams of two plus an antiques expert are given £300 and one hour to buy three items at an antiques shop or fayre. These are later sold at auction, together with a fourth buy from the expert with whatever money is left over. The object is to make a profit, which the teams can keep. The team that makes the biggest profit is the winner.

There are other programmes on similar lines.

I have some incredibly deep thoughts about this show: